You can book a private consultation to see Dr Tom Crake or Dr Mark Westwood by calling the secretarial team on 020 8362 3606 (Dr Tom Crake) or 020 7234 2254 (Dr Mark Westwood). You can request to see either of us at the following Hospitals.

Dr Tom Crake:
BMI Cavell Hospital.
BMI King’s Oak Hospital.
Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth.
Alliance Medical London Harley Street Centres.

Dr Mark Westwood:

The London Bridge Hospital, London.
Alliance Medical London Harley Street Centres

The consultation

At the consultation we discuss your symptoms and any other relevant issues. We will also discuss any other conditions that you have and any regular medication that you have been prescribed. You will then be examined which will include listening to your heart with a stethoscope and taking your pulse and blood pressure and then we will perform a 12 lead ECG. After this we will discuss what is likely to be your diagnosis along with any further treatments or investigations that may be needed.


Simple investigations such as blood pressure monitoring, heart rhythm monitoring, echocardiograms and blood tests are performed at all centres. More specialist investigations are only performed at certain centres. We will discuss this with you during the consultation.

Treatment and Procedures

If you need any tablet treatment on of our consultants will give you a prescriptions. As this will be a private prescription it can be used at any pharmacy where you will need to pay the pharmacist. The price of prescription can vary between pharmacies. Your general practitioner may be able to transfer this over to an NHS prescription which you should discuss with them directly,

Procedures and Operations

If you need a procedure your consultant will discuss what that procedure involves along with the risks and benefits of that procedure. They will then organise the procedure at a time that is convenient. For certain procedures which we do not perform we may ask another colleague to undertake this on our behalf and we would fully discuss this with you. Similarly if you require an operations such as bypass surgery we would refer you on to a consultant surgeon who would then discuss the operation with you along with the risks and benefits.

Follow up arrangements

During the consultation a plan will be made which will include any treatment or procedures that you need but will also include follow up arrangements to discuss the result or findings of any tests or procedures or to assess any treatment that you have received.